William Chapman Nyaho, Concert Pianist

Piano Music of Africa and the African Diaspora

Piano Music of Africa and the African Diaspora Vol. 1 From Oxford University Press, this wonderful sheet music anthology edited by Dr. William Chapman Nyaho presents a fascinating survey of music by African composers, both those living in Africa and those now resident elsewhere in the world. The music, much of which is published here for the first time, includes a kaleidoscope of different styles, moods, genres, and colors. You will find works influenced by the blues, jazz, and ragtime, and works built on exotic scales, African folk-tunes, and drumming rhythms. The five volumes are graded to provide exciting material for pianists just beginning their studies and for those who are looking for new and more challenging music. Edited by an internationally respected musician, this collection not only represents an important historical gathering of composers of African descent, but it is also destined to provide fresh music to the piano repertoire.

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Review excerpts:

"I found the rhythmic abundance and richness one of the most rewarding aspects of this anthology...
This book will satisfy and delight amateur and professional players, as well as late intermediate and advanced students. More importantly, it sheds light on the interesting but unfortunately little-known musical output of talented African American composers who resided in different centers of the diaspora."
-Illinois State Music Teachers' Association Newsletter

"The depth and breadth of the 20th-century piano music is extended in this remarkable ongoing anthology of works by composers who remain undreplayed and neglected...
It contains music that is pianistically exquisite."
-International Piano Magazine

Advance notices:

"What a gold mine for performers, teachers, and students. To have such a graded compilation of music previously unknown to many of us is so exciting for piano pedagogues. Thank you."
-Martha F. Hilley, Professor of Group Piano and Pedagogy at University of Texas, Austin

"Magnificent. Who would have guessed that a sampling of music by African and African-Diasporic composers would fill five volumes? And who would imagine the dazzling array of forms, styles, and techniques displayed in them? All who consider themselves friends of African and African-derived music are much indebted to William Chapman Nyaho and Oxford University Press for making these gems of musical imagination widely available for the first time ever."
-Kofi Agawu, Walter Bigelow Rosen Professor of Music and of African and African American Studies at Harvard University

"This collection provides a tremendous service to piano teachers and a wonderful introduction to the composers of African heritage for piano students. Thanks . . . for an invaluable teaching tool."
-Leon Bates, pianist