Selected earlier appearances:

September 27, 2004
Seattle, WA

September 19, 2004
Lafayette, LA

September 15, 2004
Galveston, TX

February 15, 16, 2002
Whim Concert Series,
St. Croix
US Virgin Islands

July, 2000
International Society
of Music Educators
Edmonton, Canada

February, 2000
Centenary College
Shreveport, LA

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William Chapman Nyaho, Concert Pianist

Nyaho/Garcia Duo

The Nyaho/Garcia Duo brings to life the exciting world of music for two pianos and piano duet. This duo, known for its energetic and compelling performances, specializes in both the standard repertoire and newly composed works.

Drawing from their extensive knowledge of the repertoire, Nyaho and pianist Susanna Garcia create fascinating programs that not only entertain but educate diverse audiences. The duo is as comfortable in schools, libraries and community centers as they are on college campuses and in concert halls, and flourishes in situations in which a concert can be coupled with residency activities.

The two pianists bring their own rich cultural backgrounds to their repertoire, exploring the fascinating music of composers of African or Hispanic heritage... music that in many cases is otherwise neglected, but which flowers in their hands. The duo similarly sheds welcome light on the works of women composers, American composers, and contemporary composers.

In November 1998, Nyaho and Garcia released their first compact disc recording of the complete transcriptions of Aaron Copland for two pianos for Centaur Records. Classical Magazine wrote then that the duo, "form a perfect match in their style of playing, their tone, and in their genuine feeling for and understanding of the Copland pieces... This CD will be the standard against which any future performances of these dances will be measured."

The CD's "Variations on a Shaker Melody" was named in April, 2001 by author Ronald Blythe as one of the ten selections he would have with him if stranded on a desrt isle, on BBC's popular Desert Island Disc program.

Selected Duo Repertoire of the
Nyaho/Garcia Duo:

Alberga 3-Day Mix
Copland Variations on a Shaker Tune
Epstein Savannah
Mozart Sonatas
Poulenc Sonata
Ravel Rapsodie Espagnole Ma Mere L’Oye
Schubert Fantasie in F minor Characteristic March
Stravinsky Petroushka
Sung Epicycles

Sonata in f minor
Variations on a theme of Haydn

Complete two piano music of Aaron Copland

Hale Smith
Mirrors: Rondo Variations for Two Pianos

Montuno and Fugue on a Popular Cuban Melody

Martin Scherzinger


Sonata in D major K 448

Suite op. 17


Witold Lutoslawski
Variations on a theme of Paganini

"So perfectly attuned and synchronized ... the listener imagined instead one performer - one head, one heart, but four hands."
-The Thomasville Times, NC