William Chapman Nyaho, Concert Pianist


Excerpts from the press:

"In addition to a thoroughly expert and very personal approach to rhythm, Nyaho draws a wonderful array of colors from the piano. Treble phrases can sound like trumpets or flutes; chordal passages can call to mind string sections or trombones."
—Utoptian Turtletop

"I thoroughly enjoy this. The program is well chosen, with lots of variety. Anyone who has had it with pianists playing and recording the same repertory over and over should be delighted by the treasure trove of (mostly) premieres. The 11 composers whose works are offered here are not known quantities in our country, but they should be."
—American Record Guide review of Asa

"This altogether enthralling recital of keyboard works in many styles reveals that this music deserves a regular place on concert programs. The composers - from Nigeria, Jamaica, England, Egypt, Ghana and the United States - are masterful creators who embrace Eu ropean, American and African idioms. Nyaho plays each score with sensitive, bold artistry."
—Cleveland Plain Dealer,
naming Senku one of the best classical music recordings of the year

"Throughout the two-and-a-half hour concert, the audience gave enthusiastic applause between items, sometimes even, inappropriately, between pauses within items, and, at the end, gave numerous expressions of delight at the quality of the music they had enjoyed."
—Jamaica Gleaner

"The humanity of the music and Nyaho's gripping performances kept my ears glued to this disc. Let's hope the pianist continues to explore — and record — more such commanding repertoire."
—Gramophone Magazine,
reviewing the recorcing Senku

"A talented young man with a rare mixture of youthful enthusiasm and mature reliability… intelligent, sensitive and possesses remarkable character…. ."
— Maya Angelou

"...much wonderful music to be discovered here, and that William Chapman Nyaho plays it all with beauty of tone and consummate artistry... the sound on the Musicians Showcase CD, a label I had not previously encountered , is superb."
—Fanfare Magazine
reviewing the recorcing Senku

"A thoroughly satisfying and moving musical experience"
— The Thomasville Times, NC

"effortless technique, splendid rhythmic grasp and fullness of tone allowed his performance to reach great heights..."
— The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA

"...a fascinating album of piano music by composers of African descent."
—Oxford Today,
reviewing the recorcing Senku

"His performances of the works here are stunning, but I'd also like to address the importance of this collection. These are not merely works by composers who happen to be of African descent; they are inspired and informed by ethnic influences... But don't get me wrong...these are not intellectual exercises in nationalism. Each piece stands on its own musically, and the variety here makes this a compelling and wonderful CD from start to finish."
reviewing the recorcing Senku

"...the wide-ranging program he has put together for us is absolutely habit forming."
—Atlanta Audio Society Journal
reviewing the recorcing Senku

"A stunning performer, whose creative impulse reflects utmost sincerity and dedication to the art of the composer, Nyaho reveals artistic vision and superb technical execution.  A comprehensive music scholar, Nyaho shows great care in the interpretation of works that he performs, giving life and an audience to compositions seldom performed; and a renaissance to those works that are concert favorites to lovers of classical piano performance."
—Myrtle E. David, Executive Director, DeBose National Piano Competition - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

"His technique was wonderful and his energy tremendous."
— The Whitworthian, Spokane, WA

"...plays with a great deal of clarity but avoids an overly clinical, sterile approach. Intricate melodic details were clearly delineated, but the pianist never lost sight of the composer's larger vision..."
— The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA

"Selbst schwierigste passagen absolvierte der Künstler mit, so konnte man meinen, spielender Leichtigkeit. Die Finger wirbelten förmlich über den Tasten."
("The artist handled the most difficult passages with, what seemed playful ease. The fingers literally whirled over the keyboard.")
— Elb-Havel-Echo, Germany

About the Nyaho/Garcia Duo:

"So perfectly attuned and synchronized...the listener imagined instead one performer - one head, one heart, but four hands."
-The Thomasville Times, NC

"The Nyaho/Garcia Duo play with syncopated abandon and lyrical sensitivity."
— American Record Guide

"The Nyaho/Garcia Duo…form a perfect match in their style of playing, in their tone, and in their genuine feeling for and understanding of the Copland pieces……this CS will be the standard against which any future performances of these dances will be measured."
— Classical Magazine

Excerpts of letters from presenters:

"William Chapman Nyaho would add authentic musicality, dazzling pianism, high intelligence, dignity and genuine warmheartedness to any concert or teaching venue. I recommend him to you without reservation."
— Barbara Lister-Sink
Professor of Piano
Salem College
Winston-Salem, NC

"Not only did Nyaho hold their attention until after the end of the period, but they gave him a standing ovation and were shouting "encore!" This kind of response, to anyone's knowledge, has never happened at any previous Forum. The students rated his performance as the best Forum presentation of the semester, and they want him to come back again."
— Charlotte Y. Kroeker, Ph.D.
Whitworth College
Spokane, WA

"I am beaming as I write this letter. Your performance and presence at the Fall 2002 Conference of the North Carolina Music Teachers Conference was absolutely brilliant. Practically every single member present approached me to rave about your performance...It was a privilege to have someone with your keen insight, personal experience, and artistry share these musical gems of the African diaspora with us. The entire presentation was enhanced by your personal charisma and charm!"
—Dr. Victoria Fischer
North Carolina
Music Teachers Association

"A stunning performer whose creative impulse reflects utmost sincerity and dedication to the art of the composer, Nyaho reveals artistic vision and superb technical execution."
— Myrtle E. David
Executive Director,
DeBose National Piano
Competition Foundation

"He gave a knockout perormance of Beethoven, Ginastera, the Dett piece, and more...I couldn't be happier with the result, nor luckier."
— Joan O. Epstein
Eckerd College
St. Petersburg, FL

About the Nyaho/Garcia Duo:

"Together, their singular enthusiasm for performing creates a compelling experience for audiences."
— Jacqeuline Lyle
Performing Arts Society of Acadiana
Lafayette, LA

"effortless technique, splendid rhythmic grasp and fullness of tone allowed his performance to reach great heights..."
-The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA